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Want to Stay Fit and Promote Good Health? Join Group Fitness Classes at Blueprint Fitness

If it were easy to stay fit and healthy, the world would have been less affected with the diseases and ailments. Doing so would grant people a longer life to live. Staying fit and healthy plays a vital role in our life, but people generally neglect their health because of their hectic schedule or carelessness. Therefore, some necessary interventions must be made in order to preserve a sound mind and body. These include many components, such as eating the right food, having regular physical activity and getting enough sleep. In today’s’ life, a fitness schedule and routine is necessary if you want to stay healthy and contented.

If you want to tone your body and reduce fat, you can join group fitness classes at the leading gym in Atlanta, popularly known as the ‘Blueprint Fitness’. They strive to provide completely personalized group training, keeping in mind the body type and skill level of the person. Every particular exercise is designed for each member and given a “blueprint” according to their limitations and abilities.

Blueprint Fitness works entirely on a personal approach and one-on-one interaction to have a leaner, fitter and stronger body. To determine improvement in muscle balance, body awareness and strength, they follow the testing methods. The certified trainers provide a definitive fitness-schedule depending on the fitness level of the person. The schedule includes Functional Movement Screen (FMS), measurements, stretches, strength progressions, Indie program, and power lifting log.

At the-group fitness classes, they provide small group personal membership, which includes the following –

  • Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Personalized Blueprint
  • Personal Program Design
  • Unlimited Kickboxing Sessions
  • Unlimited Kettle bell Basics Sessions
  • Unlimited Team Training Sessions
  • Unlimited Mobility Sessions
  • 5 Small Group Personal Training Sessions – Silver Membership
  • 16 Small Group Personal Training Sessions – Gold Membership

For more information, feel free to visit their official website To join them, you can call at 678-264-8025.

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Achieve Your Fitness Goals At Blueprint Fitness, The Best Gym In Atlanta

Want to quickly lose weight for an upcoming special occasion? Need a proper fitness schedule or plan to get six pack abs? Visit Blueprint Fitness, the leading gym in Atlanta. We provide excellent small group personal training, team personal training, kettlebell training, as well as personal program design. Our personalized approach to meet different health and fitness needs is what sets us apart from others. Every plan we create for you is customized to suit your unique fitness goals, body type, and lifestyle.

At Blueprint Fitness, we have a team of highly experienced, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic fitness trainers. With membership to any of our fitness training classes, you can benefit from the extensive knowledge of these experienced trainers and achieve your fitness goals. Not only will they customize a fitness plan for you, but also share useful tips to help you stay fit in the long run.

We take great pride in being one of the most trusted Atlanta gyms and strive to keep helping people stay fit and healthy. For information about our training classes, feel free to browse through our website i.e. or call us at 678 264 8025.

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Reduce Fat through Fitness Schedule Provided by Blueprint Fitness Center

If you want to loose weight and stay in shape, dieting is not an only option. Besides dieting, you need to do a physical workout. If you are not aware of the right method to be followed for reducing the weight. You can consult a fitness trainer for getting back in shape. If you are in search of a trainer or wish to join gym, blueprint fitness center is the best option. We help out our clients in  loosing weight, building muscle, reducing body fat. We offer a fitness schedule to our clients according to their requirements.

Blueprint fitness Center provides exercise classes in Atlanta to its clients, according to their requirement. We provide a blueprint to our clients after analyzing their physical health. It will advise them about what workouts to be taken, how often and when should they be taken. We provide small group personal training, team training, kettlebell training classes and more. The small group personal training helps in increasing muscle tone and burn fat. Mostly workouts include full body strength training, cardio, stability work, and core exercises. The amount of strength applied varies from person to person. They incorporate kettlebells, steel maces, steel bells, medicine balls, suspension training in workouts.

We have a team of best fitness trainers who provide the kickboxing classes in Atlanta. It requires intense body workout which improves the strength, flexibility, cardio endurance, coordination and balance during the session. It burns the calories from 600-1000 per workout, reduces fat, and also builds lean muscle. At Blueprint Fitness Center, we offer a 30 day free trial, if the client feels interested they can join later otherwise they won’t be charged for any of the services provided. So do not wait, hurry to join our fitness classes, register yourself by making a call on our number (678-264-8025). For more information about the programs, services and the charges, visit our official website