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Trust Blueprint Fitness for the Best Strength Training Classes in Atlanta

Strength training is very helpful in improving the overall stamina of the body. This training is done by athletes, power lifters, or can be combined with any other physical training methods.

If you are in search of a fitness club, then look none other than the Blueprint Fitness. What makes us different is that we have totally personalized the concept of group training. A specific blueprint is designed based on the person’s abilities and limitations. Our unique testing methods are used to measure improvement in body awareness, strength, & muscle balance.

Our center provides Iron strength training, which is focused on toning & strengthening, rows, incorporating kettle bell presses, & squats are specially implemented to shed some pounds and increase muscle tone. Each strength exercise is easily remodeled depending upon your skill level. Our team personal training membership also includes the following:

  • Unlimited Kettle bell Basics Sessions
  • Personal Program Design
  • Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Unlimited Team Training Sessions
  • Unlimited Kickboxing Sessions &
  • Personalized Blueprint

Our Atlanta based fitness club also provides one-on-one personal training design membership to allow you get gym access every day. The membership gives you full gym access and you get to use all the equipment around the facility including steel bells, battle ropes, steel maces, and kettlebells.

When a member decides to join us, we create a custom Blueprint based on their revaluation. With time, the Blueprint is simultaneously adjusted as you reach your objective. Our personal program design membership consists of Personal Program Design, Comprehensive Evaluation, Personal Program Design, and Full Gym Access.

Our gym in Atlanta is specially designed to help the people to reduce body fat, build muscle, and lose weight. For more information regarding our training programs, feel free to visit