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Blueprint Fitness – One of Atlanta’s Premier Fitness Centers


If you are in search of a gym or fitness center in Midtown Atlanta, look no further than Blueprint Fitness. We are one of the leading Atlanta fitness centers and are widely recognized for our excellent services. We have been transforming the lives of people by helping them achieve their fitness goals since 2012. We provide different types of fitness training programs, such as Small Group Personal Training, Team Personal Training, Kettlebell Training Classes, Personal Program Design, BioPrint Nutrition Program, etc.

To create a right workout plan for you, we determine your strengths as well as weaknesses. We perform various assessments to measure your current level of fitness, select appropriate strength training exercises, etc. With our exciting variety of fitness classes, training programs, & equipment, we strive to give you an ultimate experience that not your shape your body, but also your life.

Our helpful and energetic trainers motivate you, help you stick to your goals, & get you going at times when you want to give up. They use a personalized approach to help you develop a great fitness schedule. For more information about us or our services, you can call us at 678-264-8025 or browse through our official website i.e.